More news from ‘Further Down South’ by Gill Staden

Brace yourself for the latest edition of the ‘Livingstone bi-Weekly‘ courtesy of Gill Staden – and as always a great many thanks to her for sharing it with my readers. Gill is the author of ‘Beyond the Victoria Falls‘ and of several other guidebooks covering Zambia and the wider region across the borders.


Livingstone Roads

New Admin block in Choma

Sioma Bridge

Bridges to Siansowa

Rice Growing

National Heritage Sites

Cholera in Southern Province

Game Rangers International saves vervet

Nature Nights in Luangwa

Zambia Carnivore Programme

Animal Count in Liuwa

Wildlife for sale in Zimbabwe

Bhejane Trust in Hwange

Over-fishing in Lake Kariba

Minerals found in Gache Gache

Ivory burning in Kenya – a Botswana viewpoint

Baboons cause trouble in Kasane

Human-wildlife conflict in Zambezi Region

Chinese demand drives ivory gangs

Kwando Carnivore Programme