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Jambo! Which continent does Sir David Attenborough hold dearest? “There’s an abundance of discovery in Africa,” he tells us. “The day I grow tired of the continent is the day I grow tired of life.”

Happy Birthday, Sir David!

As Sir David Attenborough celebrates his 90th birthday, we have enjoyed looking back at our interview with him… Read the article online, or see highlights of the interview by clicking here.

Magical mystery tour

Uganda’s crater lakes are beyond spectacular. Ben West explores the south-west on two wheels, taking in Mutanda, Bunyonyi and Mburu. To read about his three day cycling tour, click here.

50 Secrets about Botswana

To celebrate 50 years since Botswana gained its independence, we’re running a 12-page feature in our July issue entitled ’50 secrets about Botswana’, revealed by those in the know. And we’d really like your contributions, please. Send your ‘secret’ tip or place (using 50-100 words) along with related photographs to laura before May 16.

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Towards Synergy

Stunning images that reveal how wildlife behaves in difficult circumstances – and shows how we can apply these principles in our everyday lives. An excellent concept, very well executed, well worth the read.

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