IIPT Bids Farewell to Scott Rains –Global Advocate for Accessible Travel

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May 2016 Special Edition

IIPT Bids Farewell to Scott Rains –

Global Advocate for Accessible Travel

scottandwifeIIPT was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Scott Rains – one of the world’s leading advocates and consultants for Accessible Travel and Universal Design. He will be missed by his many colleagues and friends in countries around the world.

IIPT extends its deepest sympathy to Scott’s wife, Patricia Narcisco and his family. He will be greatly missed, by all who knew him.

Scott was a man with many skills and interests: Traveler, Facilitator, Motivator, Educator and Scholar, Theologian, Researcher, Writer, Editor, Speaker and particularly Advocate for persons seeking accessibility in travel. His ideas, work and solutions in universal design in countries around the world have benefitted millions of travelers – and was always done with passion, enthusiasm – and a broad, engaging smile for everyone he encountered. He reached thousands of other “influencers” through his “Rolling Rains” newsletters and website, reports, social media presence and prolific communication and networking.

portraitIn Scott’s own words, “My passion is ‘social change with an IT toolkit.’ My professional experience spans two domains: Consulting in travel and disability, and Management in non-profits and higher education.” In 2009, the U.S. Disability Magazine, New Mobility, named Scott “Person of the Year.”

Scott believed that Universal Design and Inclusive Travel are ideas whose time have come. Again, in Scott’s own words, “The concept of Inclusive Travel is itself traveling around the world. It is leaving an infrastructure that will allow the pleasure of world discovery to generations to come. It enables generations present to do so through all stages of their lifespan. That’s the vision of Universal Design applied to tourism — Inclusive Tourism.”

“The legacy of this innovation of inclusion is life-changing. The vistas opened up can be breathtaking-stylish, inclusive, and leaving you wanting more.”

Scott’s website: http://www.rollingrains.com/

For more about Inclusive Travel, please see the Declaration adopted at the Destinations for All 2014 World Summit, held in Montreal Canada, 19 to 23 October 2014:

A World for Everyone. Towards a World Network for Accessible Tourism

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