Reunion surfs the wave of success


(Posted 13th May 2016)

The island of Reunion is riding the wave of success! - © FFS

With the safety of the Boucan Canoe and Roches Noires beaches restored, these two iconic surf spots are open again to new surfing enthusiasts. Since the end of 2015 has swimming, surfing, body boarding and other water activities resumed service in the waters of Reunion. Amateur and professional riders throw themselves into the waves to conquer the surf. After installing shark nets, the first surfing competition was held at the end of February on the beach of Roches Noires Saint-Gilles-les-Bains. Jeremy Flores, professional surfer and honorary ambassador of Reunion has, for the occasion, been wearing the sponsors outfit and sponsor of the event entitled Nou Pa * width . Alongside the young surfers of the island, the champion has also jumped into the water on the Saint-Gilles spot of his childhood.

Jeremy Flores - © FFSJeremy Flores – © FFS

This competition marked the resumption of the Reunion Island and was only the first of many surfing championships. Cups Open, Hope cuts and championships Reunion are now enrolled in the League schedule Reunion Surf since March, 2016.

The return of professional surfers to the waves of Reunion

After Jeremy Flores, it was the turn of Maxime Huscenot to reconnect with Reunion waves. The professional surfer has offered a surf session in the waters of Reunion one month after the first competition. The surfer Johanne Defay and ambassador of honor of The Meeting also enjoyed the waves for a workout before meeting made in s ‘leaving for Australia. After playing on the board spots of Snapper Rocks and Bells Beach, Reunion nugget of French surfing has kept his place in the top 5 worldwide.

Johanne Defay - © C.EtienneJohanne Defay – © C.Etienne

After winning a new title of champion of France in 2014 , a second title of world champion in 2014 in the overall professional World Tour PDB, two individual medals including one gold Drop-knee and a silver in Open Men , two medals as Captain of team France with a gold Tag team relay and asilver in the team standings after the world Championships (ISA Games 2014), a new gold in relay tag Team in 2015 world Championships (ISA Games 2015) and sportsman of the year in 2015 elected by the professional world Tour PDB Amaury Lavernhe has a ranking of the most impressive. True model in the middle of the slide, the ambassador of honor of Reunion who currently rides his academy boogie , should also go through the island of Reunion in August, in the middle of the season of world tour 2016.

Amaury Lavernhe - DRAmaury Lavernhe – DR

* “We do not let go” in Reunion Creole