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May 2016
Giant's summit
Giants Summit good news for elephants and rhinos
The Giants Club Summit – a gathering of African presidents, conservationists and philanthropists – has secured multi-million-dollar funding to strengthen frontline elephant protection, boost illegal wildlife trade prosecutions, and spark innovations in conservation finance across Africa. Delegates from the summit, including Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Tourism (seen above with Sudan) spent some time on Ol Pejeta on the opening day of the Summit. Here, they were able to find out more about Ol Pejeta’s innovative approach to tackling poaching, and how a wildlife crime is processed.

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Vlog ep 5
The cutest vlog episode yet!
If this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will. Watch the Tyack family’s latest installment of the Ol Pejeta Vlog series, where little Ringo meets northern white rhino Sudan for the very first time. If his playful squeals of delight aren’t enough to melt your heart, then watch as he tries to copy Sudan’s eating habits, and takes him on horn to horn!

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Elephants on the move
The secret life of Ol Pejeta’s elephants
Initial findings of an ongoing study between Ol Pejeta’s Ecological Monitoring Unit and the Swedish University of Agriculture have cast a light on how elephants use the specially designed wildlife corridors along our fence line.

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Milk for Ringo

"Having been brought up on Ol Pejeta and experiencing the result of poaching first hand, I have grown ever more passionate about conserving wildlife, and in particular rhinos and elephants" says 17 year old Ellie, who is running a half marathon to raise money for Ringo.

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Morani’s update

I know, we can’t wait either! Everyone’s favourite wild restaurant will be re-opening on Sunday, June 12th with a brand new look and feel. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more details and information about fantastic offers for the whole family.

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Can science save the northern white rhino?
In December 2015 an international group of scientists gathered in Austria. Their discussion could be the plot for a disaster movie – how to use the latest technology to bring a subspecies back from the edge of extinction. They were of course talking about the northern white rhino, and the results of this historic meeting have now been published in the International Journal Zoo Biology.

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Fatu NWR
Save the Rhino fundraise for Ol Pejeta’s K-9 rangers
Save the Rhino has raised a fantastic total of £20,000 for Ol Pejeta’s K-9 unit. This will help us continue our dog and handler training, provide important veterinary care, buy our K-9 team equipment such as collars and boots (yes, doggie boots!), as well as much needed equipment for their handlers too.

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Save the Rhino
Opportunity for aspiring East African journalists
The Aga University Graduate School of Media and Communications is sponsoring an ambitious series of reporting and documentary film programmes, focusing on conservation issues in East Africa. They want to help East African journalists, filmmakers and social media voices do ground-breaking reports for an African audience.

Ol Pejeta is proud to endorse this, and are asking any local journalists or filmmakers who can take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to get involved.

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