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The latest news from NRT, the umbrella body which brings together a large number of conservancies in Northern Kenya.

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Ami Vitale boy
Welcome to the all new Wild Frontiers

Your April NRT e-news is a little late this month, because we’ve been working to give you an all-new Wild Frontiers experience. The bold new look and feel of NRT, developed with the support of TNC, aims to build on our current branding to create something that will do us justice as we continue to grow and expand.

NRT has worked hard to build trust, both within the communities of northern Kenya and with our partners. Ours is now a name well recognised in the landscape, and we continue to work hard to make sure that our core values and mission shine through in whatever we do. We feel our new visual identity reflects this.

Thank you for your ongoing support, I hope you enjoy the new Wild Frontiers.

Mike Harrison


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The white giraffe of Ishaqbini

When the Somali Abdullah camel herders of Ishaqbini Conservancy reported seeing a giraffe the colour of maize flour, they were met with more than a few raised eyebrows. So the community rangers set out to see if it was true, accompanied by photographer and consultant to NRT’s security department, Jamie Manuel. A few days of searching revealed a remarkable and very rare reticulated giraffe.

Ranger class
Ranger class of 2016

On Thursday 21st April, 139 rangers from 26 NRT conservancies officially graduated from the KWS Law Enforcement Academy. They emerged with skills in anti-poaching, wildlife monitoring and discipline, and we look forward to seeing them apply these in their home conservancies.

Sera elephant rescue
Sera rangers refused to leave this young elephant’s side.

When a young bull was trapped in a water well, Sera rangers rescued him, and waited with him all day in the hopes of reuniting him with his family. Watch the video.

Ishaqbini community livestock vaccination campaign

Over 16,000 livestock have been vaccinated in Ishaqbini following concerns over deadly disease outbreaks.

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2015 Peace report, and the NRT Peace Ambassadors programme

Off the back of one of the toughest years for peace in NRT’s recent history, NRT launches its Peace Ambassador Programme, which aims to oversee and support warrior leaders in different ethnic groups, and ensure peace initiatives are tailored to livestock routes.

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Namunyak rangers
Namunyak Conservancy hit by poaching surge

A sharp spike in poaching cases has everyone on high alert as four elephants are killed in one week in Namunyak Conservancy.

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