Jet fuel supplies run short


(Posted 21st May 2016)

Supplies of JET A1 aviation fuel are said to be running critically low n Tanzania after a batch delivered more recently was found to carry some contamination, detected by quality control personnel. The entire consignment now needs to be pumped out of storage tanks and the underfloor pipes from where aircraft are refuelled before a new consignment can be inserted.
Energy ministry sources tried to play down the urgency of the matter and it could not be established at what point the contamination occurred nor of what nature it was.
Meanwhile was Fastjet handed a 30 million Tanzania Shillings payment order for a passenger whose flight some time last year was cancelled.
The plaintiff, apparently an advocate, seems to have convinced a lower court that he had a case against the airline with the Resident Magistrate perhaps not grasping the concept of ‘Force Majeur‘ which the airline will no doubt press home when, as expected, an appeal will be filed.
The lawyer’s contention that he subsequently wandered around Mwanza Airport with his luggage and personal effects in a disturbed fashion greatly amused and entertained a group of aviation experts this was discussed with while in Dar es Salaam for the past days. Comments made were certainly not favourable for the ‘learned friend‘ who clearly has to learn a few more lessons before understanding that in a case of force majeure no one can be held liable, it also being referred to as an Act of God, someone who is by broad perception beyond claims courts and for all purposes infallible.
At the time was the airline hit be several bird strikes putting aircraft out of service and into maintenance, resulting in an inevitable rescheduling and amalgamation of flights.
This correspondent can confirm that Fastjet sends out not just confirmation reminders for upcoming flights but also keeps passengers updated via direct SMS / mails of any potential delays.
The German saying ‘Wer den Schaden hat spotted jeder Beschreibung‘ appears entirely fitting and be sure to watch this space to learn what ruling an appeals court will arrive at should indeed as expected Fastjet lawyers decide to take the matter to the High Court.


  1. I believe it should have read ” wer den Schaden hat, braucht fuer den Spott nicht zu sorgen “, meaning ” he who suffers the damage is not expected to ridicule himself on top “.

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