First Dreamliner for Reunion’s Air Austral


(Posted 24th May 2016)

Air Austral’s first Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner is now enroute from the Boeing facility in Everett, Washington State to Reunion Island and is expected to land in the morning at the Roland Garros International Airport of the capital St. Denis after a 10.500 miles ferry flight.
This first of two such aircraft ordered will help the airline to boost the present fleet of among others B777’s and B737-800’s and allow for additional long haul flights.
Only two months ago did the airline finally settle with Airbus where it had cancelled an order for the A380 before now taking delivery of one of the world’s most advanced airliners.
This French island deep in the Indian Ocean has become one of the world’s foremost adventure destinations and, as part of the Vanilla Island organization, forms part of a group of 7 islands seeking to tap into a fast growing cruise / fly and multi island holiday market.