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Finding refuge: The untapped potential of Mozambique’s Banhine and Zinave

26 May 2016 | Traveller24 | Dianne Tipping-Woods | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

When researcher Kristoffer Everatt spotted a movement in the grass while conducting field work in Banhine National Park in Mozambique in July 2015, he wasn’t sure what it was. Stalking carefully towards the unknown animal, he finally parted the grass to stare into the eyes a beautiful black-maned lion crouched about 4metres away. “We stared … Full Story →

Wildlife crime assessed globally for the first time in new UNODC report

24 May 2016 | United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime | UNODC |

Today, UNODC launched its inaugural World Wildlife Crime Report, highlighting how the poaching and illegal trade of thousands of different species across the globe not only present real environmental dangers but ultimately undermine the rule of law by potentially fuelling conflict. The report – part of UNODC’s ongoing Global Programme on Wildlife and Forest Crime – also urges … Full Story →

Zimbabwe: Govt to Revamp Save Conservancy

23 May 2016 | The Herald | George Maponga |

Chiredzi — Government has started restructuring wildlife-rich Save Valley Conservancy in southeast Lowveld as part of efforts to curb rampant poaching and to reduce conflict between animals and humans who have settled in the area. The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority is spearheading the rehabilitation process of the mega park in the semi-arid Lowveld. … Full Story →

South Africa Just Lifted Its Ban on the Rhino Horn Trade

23 May 2016 | National Geographic | Bryan Christy |

A lawsuit brought by two South African rhino ranchers to invalidate the country’s rhino horn ban is upheld, and the government’s appeal is denied. With just three terse sentences, South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has legalized rhino horn trade in South Africa again, rejecting an appeal by the government to keep a ban on … Full Story →
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