More news from further down south, courtesy of Gill Staden’s ‘The Livingstone bi-Weekly’

Enjoy more news from Zambia, Zimbabwe and beyond.

An osprey fishing in spectacular super slow motion

This is filmed in Scotland but osprey migrate to Africa between September to March. I have seen them in Lower Zambezi.

Shoebill of Bangweulu:

BBC 2 Elephant Baby – to make you smile

Inside this issue

Taxi driver in Livingstone with Elephant Tusks

Slimline Extension Cable

Swedish journalists arrested

Kafue, the orphaned elephant, killed by lions

Riots in Chisekesi

New life in Liuwa

Canine experts in Lower Zambezi

Solar power for village in Chiawa

Snared giraffe saved in Luangwa

Training for Kafue Scouts

Zambian poachers in Zambezi National Park

Young elephant killed on the road in Kariba

Snared zebra in Kariba

Snared wild dog in Hwange

Elephant killed near Bumi Hills

Zebra migration in Botswana

Kasane airport upgrade nearing completion

Dredging the Zambezi halted

Charcoal burning in Zambezi Region

Angola’s tourist attractions

Oil pipeline from Angola to Lusaka

UNESCO called to protect lions