RwandAir’s A330 interior is beginning to take shape


(Posted 28th May 2016)

When RwandAir takes delivery of the first of two Airbus A330 long haul aircraft in September this year, will a new era begin for Rwanda’s national airline.
For the first time will long haul flights be launched, to Mumbai in India and to Guangzhou in China, just as soon as the first aircraft has been received in Kigali and been readied for commercial service.
Novel for the entire Eastern African region will be a three class configuration of Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class, to meet the market demands for greater inflight comfort, a reason why for instance both Bombardier Q400NextGen aircraft are also fitted with a Business Class cabin.
The flights to India and China, while no firm time table has yet been released, will link passengers from other African RwandAir destinations to the long haul flights, giving them the option of using RwandAir for their journeys to Mumbai and Guangzhou, no doubt at fares which will compete most favourably with those of other airlines offering flights to the same destinations.
The picture above was received earlier today from RwandAir to show what the seats in Business Class will look like, folding down to a full flatbed to allow passengers a comfortable sleep while jetting towards their destination.
Once pictures of the proposed Premium Economy Class seats are available, be sure to find the details here just as soon as the airline has provided the relevant information.