KILIFair is almost upon us


(Posted 31st May 2016)

KILIFAIR is 4 days ahead of us and we want to inform you on the Steps for you from Registering to successfully attending and writing about KILIFAIR 2016.

We provided special Press wristbands and Press Passes for all of our pre-registered Press Represantives to have a free access to the Fair Ground and enjoy special Press Specials.

STEP 1 – Get your Press Passes & Bands:

– Whoever does not have his/her Press pass yet, please make sure you get your Passes at the KILIFAIR Entrance (Cashier 4)
– All pre-registered Press Representatives are listed and their Packages are ready for Pick Up
– NOTE: Don’t forget to bring your ID for identification, we won’t make any exception on the name you registered with!

STEP 2 – Access to KILIFAIR :

– Once you received your Passes and Wristbands please write your Name on your Pass and apply your Wristband around your Arm
– VERY IMPORTANT: the Wristband is water-resistant and can NOT be taken off!! Once it is off, you can NOT put it back on again!!
– Your Press Pass is ONLY valid in combination with your wristband – vise versa: your wristband is ONLY valid in combination with your Pass
– NOTE: We won’t make any acceptation on a lost Band or pass – we will be very strict !!

STEP 3 – Writing about KILIFAIR :

– With your Press Pass you can access almost every area of the Fair-ground – starting from Friday
– Whoever received his/her Pass already: You can access the Fair-ground from Thursday already. NO ONE ELSE !
– NOTE: Whatever you publish (Online, Newspaper or TV) please keep a copy for us to read afterwards

STEP 4 – Losing your KILIFAIR Press-Pass:

– Again: Once you received your Press-Package you have no chance to receive another Pass OR Wristband
– make sure you do not lose any of your items nor take your wristband of before Sunday to avoid any problems
– NOTE: Only the registered Press People can get access to the KILIFAIR Press Special;
If you can not come and have to send a colleague, or you know already you won’t come alone: Make sure your colleague registers online before Wednesday!!