Seychelles Supreme Court validates President James Alix Michel’s election


(Posted 31st May 2016)

President James Alix Michel was today finally confirmed as duly elected President of the Seychelles, after the country’s Supreme Court handed down its verdict, after the opposition had filed a case soon after election day, challenging the validity of the election process.
Parti Lepep supporters promptly broke into a celebration mood while the opposition, which lost both at the polls as well as at the court, went back to the drawing board, trying to figure out what to do next.
Later this year will parliamentary elections take place where, unlike at the last general election, the opposition is expected to field candidates again, promising another bruising contest between the ruling party and the opposition.
Meanwhile did President Michel comment on the Supreme Court ruling, saying it was a ‘landmark victory for the rule of law and democracy in Seychelles and a powerful affirmation of judicial independence and impartiality in the country‘.
He then went on to add: ‘I may have been disappointed by the results but I never had any intention of challenging them. I accepted them, in good faith, as the manifestation of the sovereign will and right of the people of Seychelles‘.
This ends a prolonged waiting period for all Seychellois who had keenly awaited this landmark ruling. Unlike in Uganda, where a similar challenge was disposed of, as required under Ugandan law, within 30 days, did the Seychelles Supreme Court set the date for the delivery of their rule for 31st of May.
From this correspondent it is hearty congratulations to President James Alix Michel who can now go on to govern the country without any further legal challenge hanging over the election results.