Reunion celebrates the Sakifo Music Festival 2016


(Posted 06th June 2016)

Sakifo Musik Festival 2016

The thirteenth edition of the Sakifo Musik Festival was held from 03rd to 05th of June, i.e. over the last weekend on the site Ravine Blanche in Saint-Pierre. This year, the program consisted of a panel of artists with very different backgrounds and from very different worlds, and it was a colorful event!
The Sakifo Musik Festival 13 edition opened its doors last Friday 03rd June and lasted until Sunday 05th of June. Many Reunion residents made an appointment with St. Peter for a musical mixing international cultures!
On Friday they had the opportunity to discover live the folk duo Lilly Wood & The Prick , rappers Breakers Flowters, Abd Al Malik , the pop of the South African Jain, the brasshouse Americans Too Many Zooz, the voice of the South African trio the Soil , plus indie pop from Lou Doillon.
On Saturday the show continued with the inevitable Charlie Winston taking charge at the Salahin stage of the festival,playing his folk pop. On his side, the brotherly duo Bigflo & Oli crossed the electro sound of Acid Arab followed by many other performers.
At the end of the music festival, on Sunday, the tunes fired up the crowds. Every day, the festival focussed on the Reunion artists where Maloya blended all forms of music, from electro to soul, funk and pop. Between reggae, ragga, hip-hop, electro, rap, slam, rock, pop, maloya, soul, indie pop, folk, sega, blues and dub Sakifo 2016 was the place to be for the music lovers from Reunion as well as for tourists visiting the island while the show was on.

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