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Jewels of the Jungle- Wildlife Exhibition
From left; Mrs & Mr Taga Nuwagaba (Artist), Lilly Ajarova,Executive Director Chimpanzee Trust and Barbara & Lewis Hollweg (US photographer)
On 26th-28th May 2016, Chimpanzee Trust organized a Wildlife Art Exhibition ”Jewels of the Jungle" as a fundraising platform for the Chimp medical ward at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. This was a collaborative creative process with artists, Taga Nuwagaba (UG), Barbara Hollweg an American photographer, Nuwa Wamala Nnyanzi and Medina, the Chimp at the Lion Center Sheraton Kampala hotel. It was launched by His Excellency Peter Blomeyer, German Ambassador to Uganda and opened its doors to Tourism stakeholders, expatriates and Art buyers in Uganda.
During the exhibition there were numerous side activities; schools tours, Children’s Art Workshop, raffle draws, public dialogue among others, which gave an insight to efforts of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The 3 day event was majorly sponsored by Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Club Twist and Rwenzori water.
Event sponsors
Over 400 people turned up for the Exhibition and some of whom won trips to different destinations in Uganda. Two auction pieces made by the support artists; Mr. Nuwa Nnyanzi and, Medina the chimp were our main center piece.
Our main objective was to raise a minimum of USD$25,000 an equivalent of 80million Ugandan shillings. However, we managed to raise a 30% of the income , which impedes the construction of the medical ward. The Art pieces are still on sale on our website and office in Entebbe-Uganda to raise the remaining 70%. We, therefore welcome and solicit for more funds. DONATE
To Burn or Not to Burn (Illegal poaching)
From left Panelists at the public Dialogue; Muhindo Tadeo LC 5 Kasese, Dr.Andrew Seguya Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Authority, Mr. Achilles Byaruhanga Executive Director of Nature Uganda and Mr. Kule Muranga Joseph RDC Rubirizi district
On 27th May 2016, the Chimpanzee Trust organized a public dialogue under the theme "Illegal wildlife trade and trafficking in Uganda". This dialogue brought together several conservationists in Uganda and a question that had all of them talking. The Acting Commissioner, Wildlife Conservation in the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Dr. Akankwasa Barirega was the presenter, Dr. Andrew Seguya, Mr. Achilles Byaruhanga, Mr. Tadeo Muhindo, Rubirizi district RDC, Mr. Kule Muranga Joseph were the panelists and Mr. Onesimus Muhwezi, Team Leader Energy and Environment, UNDP Moderator of the discussion.

Dr. Akankwasa in his presentation mentioned that price fluctuations in the market for ivory from $300 to $5 and later an increase to $2100 per kilogram in china by 2014 accounted for the death of 229,729 elephants between 2009 and 2014, this alone was a setback in decades of conservation awareness.

In his submission Andrew Sseguya ,the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Executive Director,pointed out that the illegal wildlife trade is broader than ivory trade, which includes pangolins, birds, among many other wildlife species

The problem of poaching is deeper than the poacher who goes to national park and kills an elephant or rhino for their teeth. The problem of poaching goes further than whether Ivory should be burnt or not burnt. It only comes closer and closer to who the end users are.

The only question remains, whose responsibility is it to educate the end users about ivory based products and the consequences of their desire for these products? Whose responsibility is it to identify all the products on the market that are ivory built or mixed with a bit of ivory powder?

All the chimpanzees at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary are a result of illegal wildlife trade and trafficking. The rescued ones at Ngamba are the few lucky ones. Noting that about 10 wild chimpanzees would have died for any one chimpanzee to be taken out of their natural habitats.

On 5th June we celebrate the UN World Environment Day (WED), this year they encourage us to ‘Go Wild for Life’. World Environment Day is all about encouraging worldwide awareness for the protection of our environment. Since 1974 it has become a global outreach for awareness and is renowned in over 100 countries. Each year WED is themed on a different topical environmental concern and this year they chose to focus on the illegal wildlife trade.

As Chimpanzee Trust, our contributions to the celebrations are by organizing the Public Dialogue on the topic "Illegal Wildlife Trade and Trafficking in Uganda" and we are fully participating at the celebrations taking place in Gulu, Uganda on 6th June, 2016.

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