Seychelles well represented at Madagascar Tourism Fair


(Posted 08th June 2016)

Senior Seychelles Tourism Consultant, Mr. Glynn Burridge, who is also the author of ‘KOLONY‘, travelled to Madagascar last week to represent the Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism & Culture, Alain St.Ange at a special ministers’ meeting of the Vanilla Islands comprising Madagascar, Mauritius, La Reunion, Mayotte, Comoros and Seychelles.
Glynn Burridge was accompanied on his mission by the Deputy CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Ms. Natalie Didon and the Tourism Board’s representative in La Reunion, Ms. Bernadette Honore, who were both attending the ITM Tourism Trade Fair at the Carlton Hotel in the Madagascar capital Antananarivo.
On the evening of his arrival, Glynn Burridge attended a working dinner of the Vanilla Island heads including Madagascar’s Minister of Tourism Hon. Roland Ratsiraka, La Reunion Island’s Vice-President, Daniele Le Norman, the CEO of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands organization Mr. Pascal Viroleau, Mauritius Island Tourism’s Devendra Babooa, Mayotte’s Vice-President of Tourism and the Executive Director of Comoros Tourism.
At the dinner, the future of the cruise ship industry linking the Vanilla Islands was discussed as well as measures intended to strengthen the union of member states and their connectivity by air.
At the meeting was it agreed that the cruise ship industry was the most efficient vehicle for making the Vanilla Islands brand resonate but that all efforts should be made to bring regional airlines on board and to boost the potential of broader inter island travel via a special Vanilla Islands travel card under which rebated tickets would be available for citizens and visitors.
Other matters discussed included the future security of the western Indian Ocean and increased collaboration between partner states.
The following morning Glynn Burridge attended the official opening of the ITM attended by His Excellency the President of Madagascar, local dignitaries and members of the diplomatic corps before joining the rest of the Seychelles delegation at the ITM stand for a full and successful day of business selling the destination in conjunction with the Air Seychelles delegation consisting of Brigitte Esparon and Jenilee Alvis.
On Friday last week were the Vanilla Island principals flown to the historical and touristic site of Isle Ste. Marie in north eastern Madagascar prior to their return to their respective countries over the weekend.
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