Lillian Gaitho’s thoughts on classy accommodation as the week slowly comes to an end

6 Idyllic Season Stays That Will Make You Want to Re-think your Saving Plan

You know what they say about money, that it can buy you just about anything? Well, some say it cannot buy you happiness or love, but every new day, sources prove otherwise. I mean, all aspects factored in, who wouldn’t make merry on a cruise across the Atlantic; sure it may not guarantee you happiness (sea sickness is not pretty) – but could as well get you closer to your kind of nirvana. Some travelers discover serenity in the wild, others find adventures in infinity pools that kiss oceans and hug currents to eternity while some find comfort in the calmness of the universe. All things said, some hotels go beyond the obvious, to offer experience-based adventures and excursions at an extra dollar. Here is a roundup of some of the most lavish hotels on, the pictures will definitely give you a dreamy imagination of why you may need to make a saving plan for a night or three here.

Singita Explore Mobile Camp ­­­­­­­­­­­– 4,500 USD

The world’s most famous migration is on and adventurous have since dusted their boots on their way to witnessing this epic occurrence. Situated on a game-rich renowned migratory route in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, the campsite forms a rustic escape for those who can afford the USSD 4500 a night in the one bedroom tents.

Essque Zalu, Zanzibar ­­­­­­­­­­­– 546 USD

If the waves of the Indian Ocean is what defines a cool and soothing environment for you, head to this island jewel on the brims of East Africa. The swimming pool captures the real definition of infinity and other amenities such as boating, beach front dining and gaming will enrich your deep blue vacation. At a price almost eight times less than our first bet, you will enjoy stunning ocean views while splashing your feet in a seemingly endless but (still) pool.

Kimondo Migration Camp – 1, 100 USD

Another hot shot from the Serengeti. Kimondo keeps watch on the migration throughout the seasons. The camp emulsifies offerings of glam living with rustic African seasoning that create the unique ambience in the eight elegant yet intimate tents; these comfortably houses both friends and family.

Joy’s Camp – 505 USD

Feeling like freeing yourself from the bondage of daily living? You know, the usual boss on the prowl, big data reports, ambiguous news headlines and endless traffic snarls every day of your week. Well, Joy’s camp in Shaba National Reserve lies on the site of Joy Adamson’s former home, hence the name. After your drive through the conservancy, book a spa treatment or soak yourself in the pool on the foot of Mt. Ololokwe.

Sand River – 813 USD

Sand River Masai Mara takes her name from the river on whose banks its course is founded. The gem’s carefully crafted interiors justifies my feminine prefix to the description; well graced in excellent service and transcendent location 15 minutes away from Keekorok airstrip. Now you know where the chartered flight will drop you. A night at Sand River will leave you minus 243 USD for residents and more than thrice the amount for non-residents, at USD 813

Sands at Chale – 137 USD

Another Sand edition, yet mindful of your pocket. Literally so, because it stands on the fringes of the mangrove forests of Ukunda and gives you both of the two worlds without shooting holes through your bank account. Does it feel like I’ve forced it on the list, probably yes, but again, I thought a detour from six figure bills will breathe some reprieve on any wanderlust. Sands at Chale spots a balanced and breathtaking blend of Swahili and Italian architecture.