Rhino breeding programme in Uganda amongst the most successful


(Posted 12th June 2016)

Yesterday morning did news emerge from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda, the only place to see rhinos on the wild in that country, that yet another little one has joined the growing number of Southern White rhinos.
Angie Genade’s team on Ziwa managed to even get some footage of the newborn calf, another baby boy, just an hour after mother Bella had him delivered


Wrote Angie, who is the Executive Director of the sanctuary and of the Rhinofund, when breaking the news: ‘ITS A BOY. Baby number 12 was born on Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary at 06H00 this morning. Mom Bella and the new one are doing well. He is walking around already and has suckled well. Well done to all the staff that monitored this so closely. We are elated !!

The rate of reproduction has been amongst the highest of any breeding programme in Africa and this latest birth once again justifies the efforts undertaken many years ago to raise funds and establish the sanctuary, against many odds and many doomsayers who thought it could not be done.
Thanks on this occasion go once again to Capt. Joe Roy who generously gave the ranchland to www.rhinofund.org to bring in an initial four adult rhinos from Kenya’s Solio Sanctuary. This was later followed by a donation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom which donated another two, bringing the overall number as of yesterday to 17, offspring included.
The Rhinofund has again pointed out that a naming of the newborn will take place soon and that bids are invited for the naming rights to raise much needed funds for the conservation work RFU does. For more information write to Angie@Rhinofund.org

Once the number of rhinos on Ziwa has grown into the high 20’s is it expected that the Uganda Wildlife Authority will then be able to relocate a breeding stock into a yet to be named national park to gradually return this, in Uganda formerly extinct species, into the wild proper.

Congratulations to Angie and her entire team and also the Board of the Rhino Fund Uganda, for keeping the dream alive!