A380 number 80


(Posted 23rd June 2016)

Award winning Emirates, Dubai’s national airline, has taken delivery of their 80th Airbus A380, allowing the addition of yet more destinations to be served with the world’s largest passenger aircraft.
This makes Emirates the by far largest operator of this aircraft type and a further 62 such aircraft are still to be delivered, eventually expanding the fleet – given that about 25 of these aircraft will serve to replace the first generation – to 117 operating A380’s when the last birds are joining their fleet.
The delivery flight made a stop in Vienna to the delight of many passengers using Vienna’s international airport yesterday, being able to see the giant aircraft arrive.
In fact it is Vienna which will become Emirates’ latest A380 destination on the 01st of July, after being served daily since 2004 and more recently double daily, seeing a Boeing B777 deployed on the route. This aircraft type will continue to fly to Vienna on the second daily service out of Dubai.
Passengers from the East African destinations Entebbe, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, the latter two also served twice a day, will now be able to chose flying on the A380 if their final destination is Vienna.