Yet more success for Uganda’s Rhino Fund


(Posted 02nd July 2016)

Amazing news are emerging from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, that a second generation female has given birth with her prior pregnancy not detected by rangers and staff on the conservancy.
A previously thought adolescent female, named Donna after being born on the 10th of January 2012, has turned into a fully fledged rhino mom after her surprise birth yesterday, bringing the number of new calves to three this year alone.
The success of the breeding programme, once thought impossible by many but made possible by the determination by a few, is now the talk of the global rhino conservation fraternity with the fastest rate of reproduction among any of the major sanctuaries.
This will also set the stage that the reproduction rate will likely accelerate further as the second generation of females born from the original adults brought to Ziwa, is now reaching reproductive age, a huge boost no doubt for numbers on Uganda’s only rhino sanctuary.
Congratulations go to Angie Genade, the Executive Director of the Rhino Fund Uganda and of the sanctuary and her entire staff and special mention must go to Augustine and Opio, two key staff members, who managed to get a video of the youngborn just minutes after it saw the light of day.
The fund has once again also appealed for donations and information of how to support rhino conservation in Uganda can be found via