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Eid Mubarak

On behalf of us all at Amadeus East Africa, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed Eid.

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How Amadeus Sell Connect Allows Travel Agents to Unleash Their Business.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has been created by travel professionals for travel professionals. We sat down with two travel agents who have been using the solution to find out how the innovative features have had an impact on their business experiences.

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Madagascar: Insider Traveler Guide with Tropical Service

This month we head to the beautiful island of Madagascar to catch up with Managing Director of Tropical Services Laurence Calmon, who shares with us her tips on travel hotspots around the country.

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Technology & Travel: Why Hotels Can’t Afford to be Left Out

The check in and check out process is now characterized by flexibility and exceptional technology oriented customer service. The industry has moved in to answer a new demand for updated technology mostly wound around smartphones and apps.

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Flight Attendant Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

For those who genuinely enjoy the romance and process of flying, there are still plenty of nuisances that can easily be avoided with a little inside information. Here are six tips and tricks from an experienced flight attendant that are sure to improve your journey.

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Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, What EA travel agents have to say

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