Feast of Assumption – only in La Digue


(Posted 10th July 2016)

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Some may of course disagree and name the upcoming elections for Parliament as the biggest event of the year, or looking back the Presidential elections but yours truly has something very different in mind.
Between the 13th and 15th of August will the annual ‘Feast of Assumption‘ take place, during which all Seychellois eyes will be focused on the third most populated island of the archipelago.
Being a fundamentally Catholic country is every year this date used to hold a local fete, which over the years has grown into a major religious festival.
According to information received are preparations for this religious feast well underway and the committee responsible for the organisation of the event has already been meeting to discuss on the activities for this year’s August 15 feast.

Members of the committee met the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange, Principal Secretaries for Tourism Anne Lafortune and for Culture Benjamine Rose, the Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Naiken and that of the National Arts Council Jimmy Savy, as well as representatives from the department of community development Dan Frichot to discuss on the activities for this year’s celebrations.

The last planning meeting for the 15th August Celebrations was held recently at the Parish hall next to St.Mary’s church of La Digue and was chaired by Minister St.Ange. Also present at this meeting were the member of the National Assembly for La Digue and the Inner Islands Hon. Chantal Ghislain as well as the district administrator Barbara Barallon.

Minister St.Ange said that it was important to remember when planning this district event, that the people of La Digue remain center of the activity and can feel part and parcel of this feast. ‘It remains important that the Diguois see themselves as not only enjoying the feast, but that they are also able to benefit from it. This event should help to open doors of opportunities for the people of La Digue‘ Minister St.Ange said, himself a son of this island

The official opening of the event which is set to be held over a period of three days, will be held at La Passe in front of the district administration office on August 13th. After the official ceremony, members of the public will be able to enjoy a musical show featuring artists hailing from the island of La Digue itself.

On August 14th, there will be another show which will feature ‘Friends of La Digue’ and top local artists are expected to perform during this open air concert.

The traditional mass and procession will once again be on the programme for August 15th, the main day of the Feast of the Assumption. Several other activities are being planned and these will be featured here in due course.

Meanwhile can information about all the festivals held in the Seychelles be accessed via www.seychelles.travel