‘Unlock The Sea’ – only in the Seychelles


(Posted 15th July 2016)

Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, located in Bel Ombre at the end of the famous Beau Vallon Beach in the Seychelles just launched ‘Unlock the Sea‘, a unique programme to help the creative and curious minded traveler experience and explore the island and ignite their inspiration with an incredible underwater encounter. Created in partnership with The Marine Conservation Society Seychelles, this interactive program helps guests discover a treasure trove of marine life around the island through a curated snorkeling experience and learn and educate themselves on the importance of marine conservation. Guests can also witness an underwater art gallery or post a postcard to friends or family from under water!

Today’s travelers are looking for active adventure and new ways of experiencing a destination. Seychelles, with its pristine white sands lapped by topaz waters, coral sunsets and enchanting underwater sites provides all this and more‘ said Romain Chanet, General Manager Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove, Seychelles before adding: ‘Drawing inspiration from the brand’s commitment to help travelers unlock destinations through the Filters of Discovery – Coordinates, Culture and Cuisine, we hope this initiative will help us create an enriching guest experience‘.

Marine experts from The Marine Conservation Society will guide the guests on a journey through five underwater zones. This includes the Welcome zone which is the sea grass bed, the Coral Village which houses the dramatic and beautiful coral reefs, Blue or the open waters, the Reef Town where the reef elevates from the sandy bottom towards the rocks and the Fish Ville, the untouched conservation area. Through these zones not only can guests see a variety of fish but also gain insights into the ecosystem and how the Seychelles protect and preserve it.

While unravelling the mysteries of the underwater world, guests can get a glimpse of an underwater art gallery curated as part of the Arterial Network’s Giant Tortoise Art Project, inspired by a number of celebrated street art projects in major cities across the world. Painted by celebrated artists from Seychelles, the Giant Tortoise Art Project is a showcase of the local art scene on the Seychelles and underpins the fragility of the eco-system in the face of global warming and rising sea levels. It also re-states the reputation of Seychelles as a champion of the natural environment, a policy driven by President James Alix Michel who is a champion of small island states over the challenges faced through rising ocean levels.

Proceeds from the donations collected through the programme will go to sustain the marine conservation projects led by The Marine Conservation Society Seychelles.

To find out more simply click on to www.LeMeridienFishermansCove.com and follow the links.

Meanwhile has the Seychelles for the past 25 years hosted the Festival of the Sea, until last year known as SUBIOS, short for Sub Indian Ocean Seychelles. Held every year in November, this is an event not to be missed by anyone keen on marine photography, filming of reefs and marine life and generally those who love the underwater world in the crystal clear waters around the Seychelles islands.