New guide book for Praslin and La Digue is free for visitors


(Posted 17th July 2016)

For many visitors to the Seychelles, the archipelago is Mahe, the main island and of course it is true that the international airport is on the archipelago’s largest island – of a total of 115 spread over a huge area of the Indian Ocean for that matter – where they find the capital Victoria, the largest number of hotels, resorts and guest houses but also restaurants and the arguably most developed public infrastructure of any of the major islands.
But, that said, aficionados of the Seychelles, destination gourmets more like it, know of course that there is also Praslin, the island where the famous Vallee de Mai, home to the Coco de Mer, is located and then the third most populated island, La Digue, with the famous plantation which is presently being transformed into a living museum.
Both of these islands are accessible from the port of Victoria by high speed ferry and Praslin in addition has an airfield to where Air Seychelles, the national airline, operates at least 20 flights a day for even faster connections.
In the past were both of these inner islands incorporated in the many guides available for tourists but now has SeyGuide published a separate edition of their guide books, dedicated solely to these two islands and the many facilities like hotels, restaurants and guest houses but also some of the archipelago’s most famous beaches.
The author, French born Benedicte Beylot-Turcotte, sensed the need to expand the reach of guides and take into account growing visitor numbers to those two islands, deserving a separate platform for publicity and to provide information.
The initial print order was for 30.000 copies and a second edition will no doubt soon be needed given the uptake from visitors, who receive the guidebook and included maps from their hotels, DMC’ and other places like restaurants where the guides are available.
In a related development was it also learned that the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation has shipped three of their new busses received from India under a grant scheme by the Indian government to Praslin to improve public transport services across the archipelago’s second largest island. The SPTC has also confirmed that a further 71 new busses will be joining the fleet until 2018, a number of them destined for Praslin too.
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