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Promoting Human-Lion Coexistence in Northern Kenya

July 2016

Visiting Peru’s Spectacled Bear Project

Shivani recently traveled from Kenya to Peru where she spent several unforgettable days with the Spectacled Bear Conservation (SBC) project. She was greatly impressed by their team’s dedication to conserving South America’s only species of bear.

Read Shivani’s account of her time in the mountains searching for the enigmatic spectacled bears, while also learning about SBC’s programs that range from bear habitat and dietary research to community livelihood development. Their team (including Felicita pictured above in her amazing hat) was incredibly welcoming and demonstrated a unique bond, which no doubt contributes to their success.

Although an ocean apart – and working on notably different species – both Ewaso Lions and SBC share some interesting similarities. Click the link below to find out more.

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3316d635-34ef-402f-99da-b38732f4512e.jpgVideo of Releasing a Rescued Vulture Into Wild

Vultures are misunderstood and often persecuted despite the important role they play in maintaining ecosystem health. When a critically endangered White-backed Vulture was found injured and unable to fly, a team from the Peregrine Fund and Raptor Working Group snapped into action to rescue and rehabilitate the bird. This month, we assisted in the successful release of the vulture back into Buffalo Springs National Reserve.

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1a397d38-ab37-450d-abe8-3aff4a890ef4.jpg‘Running For Lions’ Race Has Great Turn Out

The 7th annual Running for Lions community race took place this month in Samburu. The race continued the tradition of bringing together members of the local community for a day celebrating lions and raising awareness of conservation. Find out which of our own team members ran and who took home 2nd place.

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c7d17cf0-41f5-45e1-89b1-b311a65e8e79.jpgWorking Towards a Cleaner Samburu

Ewaso Lions organized another litter cleanup day in a local village as a way to remove trash from the landscape, keep wildlife and livestock safe, and engage local people in environmental stewardship. More than 60 people turned out to collect and remove bags and bags of litter.

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381d6e46-42c9-4020-89c9-ca55907a5e5d.jpgPhoto of the Month

Standing in symmetry, Nabulu and Nanai are two strong lionesses. These sisters have contributed many cubs to our lion population in northern Kenya through the years and we hope they will give birth to many more. Photo by Ann Martens.
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