Vanilla Islands of Reunion and Seychelles consolidate cooperation

Vanilla Islands of Reunion and Seychelles consolidating cooperation following talks in St. Denis

(Posted 02nd August 2016)

Mr. Didier Robert, the French Senator and Regional President of Reunion Island welcomed Mr. Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture in Reunion and together they discussed avenues for continued cooperation between Reunion and the Seychelles.

Minister St.Ange of the Seychelles, who was in Reunion for the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Ministerial meeting that was this year attended by all six island of this regional community, said that his one on one discussions with President Didier Robert were positive.
Said Minister St. Ange: ‘We have done a lot together and we both know that we can do a lot more for our respective islands through maintaining of a close working cooperation. The tourism dimension of our cooperation in showing positive results and together we are looking at more ways to open doors on the cultural front‘.
Both Seychelles and Reunion were for long key drivers of the initiative through Mauritius threw its support behind the marketing cooperative after the change of government brought in a new regime at the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and a subsequent change of direction.
Other members of the group are Madagascar, Mayotte, the Comoros Islands and the Maldives.
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