MV Liemba set to get another lease of life


(Posted 04th August 2016)

Reports are emerging from Tanzania that the government will after a wait of several years now finally make available some 5.6 billion Tanzania Shillings for the refurbishment and renovation of the MV Liemba, a ship which has been sailing the waters of Lake Tanganyika since World War 1.
Completion of the task will take about a year, after tenders have reportedly been issued to select a contractor to do the work.
MV Liemba is the former German navy ship ‘Graf von Goetzen‘ which was scuttled by its crew to avoid it falling into the hands of the British at the time. As mentioned before in related articles were crucial parts of the ship like engines and movable parts well preserved and when the British a few years later lifted the ship was it possible to restore it to working order in a short period of time.
Hence has the MV Liemba, as the ship is now known, been plying the waters of Lake Tanganyika carrying passengers and cargo along the Tanzanian and other lake ports, providing an essential service to the people living around one of Africa’s great lakes.
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