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What’s the BUZZ on YOU?

Wouldn’t you want possibly millions of potential customers, both trade and consumers, as well as journalists, to be buzzing about you?

eTurboNews is a veteran in travel communication for 17 years. eTN established partnerships with most global and regional organizations, tourism boards and travel events.

eTN is a partner with the CNN International Task Group.

Most of our news can be found on Google News, Yahoo and Bing, on partner publications like the Hindustan Times and many more.

Our extensive social media network gets people talking.

Getting people to talk about your products doesn’t have to be complicated. With eTN, the process is very simple.

Select an option and we will make people talk about your destination, your business, your association or your exhibition.

Let us put you on the lips and minds of our chatters, journalists, and marketing experts.



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