Feast of Assumption Festival 2016 overshadowed by tragedy


(Posted 15th August 2016)

While the celebrations of the Feast of Assumption will reach their climax today will those attending the festival on the island of La Digue also mourn three of their fellow citizens, who perished at sea when sailing from Praslin to La Digue.
Their 16 feet fiberglass boat capsized according to reports when one of the passengers had fallen overboard and the boat made a sharp turn to help her back on board.
While the skipper managed to swim to a nearby yacht anchored off La Digue to raise the alarm, was a prompt search and rescue mission hampered by the onset of darkness. Besides the skipper did two more passengers, including a five year old child, survive the marine accident while three bodies of two women and a man were later recovered from the sea.
President James Alix Michel. on his own behalf and on behalf of the entire nation, expressed his sorrow and extended condolences to the families of the victims.
This correspondent together with his colleagues at eTN, also expresses sincere condolences to the families and friends of those lost and extends his deepest sympathy.
A record number of Seychellois and foreign visitors has crammed into the third most populated island of the archipelago for the annual celebration, observed by a predominantly Catholic population.
Highlight of the day will be the celebration of an open air mass on La Digue, when no doubt additional prayers will be offered for the victims of the accident as they were trying to join the fete.