Air Seychelles increases flight capacity to Praslin on Saturday


(Posted 19th August 2016)

Air Seychelles has announced added flights from Mahe to Praslin to cater for the traffic backlog caused by the suspension of domestic flights between the two main islands of the archipelago.
Earlier in the day did Captain Aubrey Quatre die in a freak accident on the tarmac outside the domestic terminal leading to a suspension of operations as the SCAA and other government agencies carried out an investigation into the incident.
Already did Air Seychelles earlier in the day operate a charter of the high speed ferry to and from Praslin to reduce the passenger back log but added services will be operated on Saturday morning as follows:

The schedule for the additional flights departing Mahe to Praslin are as follows:

HM3066 – 0650-0710LT

HM3080 – 0805-0825LT

HM3082 – 0810-0830LT

HM3104 – 1030-1050LT

HM3116 – 1140-1200LT

HM3130 – 1300-1320LT

The schedule of flights departing Praslin to Mahe are as follows:

HM3073 – 0725-0745LT

HM3385 – 0840-0900LT

HM3085 – 0845-0905LT

HM3411 – 1105-1125LT

HM3121 – 1220-1240LT

HM3135 – 1335-1355LT

Full operations at the domestic airport will resume in the morning. Condolences are once again expressed to the family of the late Captain Quatre, his friends and his colleagues at Air Seychelles.