From solar eclipse to golfing – Reunion has something for everyone


(Posted 28th August 2016)

It is now just a few days before on 01st of September between 14.09 hrs and 14.15 hrs Reunion will be plunged into darkness during the completion of a total solar eclipse. The event is due to commence at 12.22 hrs when the moon begins to push itself between the sun and the earth and the spectacle will then last until 15.43 hrs when the moon has traversed the course of the sun completely.
It is understood that hotel accommodation on Reunion will be hard to come by as thousands of extra visitors have begun to stream onto the island to witness the event.
The last time this was seen on the island was reportedly in 1901 and the next total solar eclipse is only projected to be seen here in 2267 with a partial eclipse visible in 2200, both arguably beyond the lifespan of ordinary mortals. For added information click on the link below.

Mercedes Open The Island Golf Meeting

Meanwhile has Reunion Tourism also just announced that the Mercedes Open Golf Championship will be played on the island between the 20th and 26th of November at the Golf de Bassin Bleu course near St. Gilles les Bains.
This is one of three championship golf courses on the island where visitors to Reunion can play during their visits and details about all three of them are shown below.

· Golf du Bassin Bleu (GBB)

Located on the west coast between Saint-Gilles-les Bains and the Hauts de Saint-Gilles, the 18-hole Golf Bassin Bleu is nestled between impressive ravines and forests of eucalyptus. The 5,923 meters of the course combine vast panoramas of the Indian Ocean and play in the forest. Restaurant, gym, wellness center, swimming pool, reception and cocktail service are available daily.

· The Golf Club de Bourbon (GCB)

The history of this island course, the Golf Club de Bourbon which was established in 1969, is initially a 9 hole before being converted to 18 holes in 1991. Located in the heart of the forest of Etang Salé, this golf course offers a course of 6,225 meters on relatively flat terrain. He has the reputation of being very technical and therefore delights experienced players.

· The Golf Club of Colorado (GCC)

Perched at 660 meters altitude in Colorado leisure park on the heights of The Mountain, the 2,317 meters of the course of the Colorado Golf Club is extremely hilly and therefore technically demanding! This golf course is only 9 holes of the island. In a context of Tops, trees, flowers and tonic, it offers magnificent views of St. Mary northeast to St. Paul in the west.

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