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Interested in hosting a Peace Park?
Can you host a peace park?

  • National Parks
  • Regional or City Parks
  • Private Parks
    (Hotel Grounds, Attractions, Business grounds, Government grounds could be designated as Peace Parks, as long as you allow access)

IIPT Global Peace Parks are formed throughout the world to dedicate a piece of land to our commitment to “Building a Culture of Peace.” Our goal is to circle the earth with over 2,010 IIPT Peace Parks by 2010. Many of IIPT Peace Parks have erected a Peace Pole with the message ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ in different languages.

The Objectives of the IIPT Global Peace Parks are:

  • To nurture the growth of peace and understanding at home and
    throughout the world.
  • To enhance awareness of a community’s commitment to peace and a
    healthy environment.
  • To create a common ground for members of the community to come
    together in celebration of their nation’s people, land, and heritage, and the common future of all humankind.
  • Reflect on our connectedness to one another as a Global Family and to the earth of which we are all a part.

ICTP and SKAL teamed up with the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism and Louis D’Amore to help expand Peace Parks to every country and every region of this world.

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