What is the next big threat to the Serengeti?

Serengeti Watch is asking: Is Tourism the Next Big Threat to the Serengeti? Here’s why it may be.

Tourism impacts need to be mitigated by responsible practices

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Dear Serengeti Watcher,

Below are two recent, disturbing tourism incidents. Currently there is no way to know how widespread such problems are, so we’re beginning to compile a report. If you’ve ever experienced or witnessed tourism related issues in the Serengeti or Mara, please let us know.


Vehicles mass at wildebeest crossing resulting in death of zebra.

A Traveler’s Report

"About 50 safari vehicles came to our side of the river.

The herd had three points to go down to the river relatively easy. They tried the farthest point from us, but even there so many vehicles frightened the herd. So the animals searched for another location.

When the drivers saw this, they began driving like race cars, putting themselves and their passengers in danger.

In the process, one killed a zebra!

The drivers were out of control and I thought that if they had weapons, they would try to kill each other. It was frightening. Our driver tried to speak with them but the answer he got was, "Who are you to tell us what to do?"

When we finally came to the river, I saw the last female come out exhausted from the water with her young calf. She was frightened by vehicles parked to close to each other. She turned back to the water. I hope that she found another place to come up safely."

Safari Vehicle Accident

Below is a photo of an even more recent incident across the border in Kenya. A driver rushed to the river to get ahead of the herd and other vehicles, recklessly careening down the bank! Luckily, no passengers were hurt.


Kenya accident. Source: Mara Conservancy

Give us some feedback

Let us know if you’ve seen or experienced problems on safari. Gives us a description, what, where, when, how, and if you wish, your safari operator. We’ll keep all reports anonymous. Email here.

How Much Tourism is Too Much?

In a recent report the World Bank advised Tanzania that it could increase tourism eightfold over present numbers! They said this can be done by diverting more tourists to less frequented parks and reserve. Possibly. But tourism has the potential to destroy what it seeks to protect. What do you think?

Again, thank you for your continued support!

The Serengeti Watch Team

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