Parliamentary elections in Seychelles not expected to impact on tourism arrivals


(Posted 05th September 2016)

Following the Presidential elections in December last year, where incumbent President James Alix Michel won both rounds, a victory affirmed by the Supreme Court of the Seychelles, are now Parliamentary elections coming up later this week between the 08th and 10th of September.
Local radio and television has given all political parties approved by the Electoral Commission access to the airwaves to promote their respective platforms.
Sources from the country’s tourism industry have severally assured this correspondent that they expect a peaceful conduct of the elections and that no trouble is expected as the eligible voters head to the polls in a three days staged exercise. Said one on condition of anonymity: ‘Tourism is our biggest source of employment. Tourism is our biggest source of income. No one in his right mind will want to tamper with that. After the presidential elections there were some elements trying to stir trouble in the streets but this was quickly dealt with. Everyone understands that when everything is done and we have a new parliament, people will have to go back to normal. If jobs are lost because of bad behaviour, if tourist arrivals drop, those responsible will be known and held to account‘.

On day one will mainly members of emergency and security services and public officials with duties on the main polling day cast their votes while the following day, 09th September, the outer islands will then go to elect their new Member of Parliament. On the 10th of September will the inner islands including Mahe, Praslin and La Digue do their civic duty to vote and elections results will become available on the following days.

President James Alix Michel’s Parti Lepep has expressed confidence of attaining a majority of seats in the house and the president himself has said: ‘We are proposing a new team that will continue to ensure that government delivers‘.
Also fielding candidates are the Seychelles Patriotic Movement, the Linyon Demokratic Seselwa and several independent candidates though other new political parties were struck out by a court ruling over name similarities, prompting the Electoral Commission to amend the ballot papers.
Notably is the ruling party fielding the highest number of women candidates for parliamentary seats with 11 for the 25 constituencies.

Election results, once available, will be published here on the 11th and 12th of September once the Electoral Commission has made formal announcements.

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