Fastjet finally launches a connecting flight service


(Posted 12th September 2016)

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New brooms clearly sweep better as Fastjet, now under the ‘command‘ of new CEO Nico Bezuidenhout, has launched a long overdue measure, making flights within Tanzania and beyond ‘connectable‘.
In the past did passengers have to book every flight segment separately and when reaching the connection point collect their bags and then check in again, an exercise which frustrated many passengers and which inconsistency with a superior service concept was repeatedly pointed out by this correspondent.

Today finally has Fastjet in Tanzania announced that connecting flights can now be booked under one ticket and one PNR / booking number, giving travelers the opportunity to book from Mbeya to Mwanza or Kilimanjaro without going through the hassle of multiple check ins.
The announcement, another key change implemented since Nico’s arrival, opens up convenient travel on to Johannesburg, Lilongwe, Lusaka, Harare but also to and from Entebbe and Nairobi as long as the flights route via Dar es Salaam, the hub airport of Fastjet Tanzania.

Said the announcement among other things:
Are you planning on flying further afield with Fastjet? If your journey involves booking multiple flights connecting via Dar es Salaam, your plans just got easier!

Now instead of booking and paying for two separate journeys, you can quickly select your flights and book them together as a single journey. And it’s not only time that you’ll save – booking a connecting flight means you’ll save on taxes and check-in luggage!

So how can you take advantage of easier booking? It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1) Select where you’re flying to and from via the booking portal at

2) Choose your connecting flights from the options shown

3) Enjoy your trip without worrying about delays – we’ve got you covered!

You don’t have to worry about how long you’ll have to make your connecting flight. Our system will ensure that your travel is as simple and stress-free as possible – and in the unlikely case of a flight disruptions, fastjet will make sure you get on the next available connecting flight free of charge. You’ll also be able to pick up both boarding passes when you check in for the first leg of your journey – so you can skip the extra queue!

Connecting flights will also save you money! You’ll only need to pay for check-in baggage once, for both legs of your journey. Plus, tax is only applicable to the first flight of the journey, making your travel more affordable than ever!

So whether you’re planning travel from Mbeya to Mwanza, Harare to Kilimanjaro, or on any routes connecting at Dar es Salaam, our connecting flights just made your booking and travel process simpler!

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This now brings travel with Fastjet in line with other airlines, including low cost carriers in a move which is aimed to improve on brand loyalty and provide passengers with a service which has been asked for by them.
Travel with Fastjet from Entebbe or Nairobi to Harare, Lusaka or Johannesburg has just become both easier and more affordable, as previously many passengers shied away from having to collect their bags in Dar es Salaam and check in again, at their own cost no less.
Connecting flights from Entebbe to Zanzibar, which Fastjet serves twice a day out of Dar es Salaam will no doubt boost demand for a vacation on the Spice Island.