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As the countdown begins to the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP17) for CITES, which commences in Johannesburg on 24 September, conservationists question the relevance of the issues at stake and what can be expected from the host – South Africa. With a huge range of pressing issues to be addressed this … Full Story →

Can CITES cope with the illegal wildlife trade?

12 September 2016 | Daily Maverick | Adam Cruise |FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

Photo: A Malaysian wildlife official stands near confiscated elephant ivory tusks from Africa before destroying the ivory, in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, 14 April 2016. Malaysian authorities destroy 10 tons of seized ivory tusks as part of the country’s progress in combating the ivory trafficking and illegal trade. EPA/FAZRY ISMAIL The Convention on International … Full Story →


Good News for Elephants as IUCN votes to close down all domestic ivory markets

12 September | Safarious | Adam Cruise | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

Honolulu, Hawaii – On Saturday, September 10th world government and NGO representatives voted at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress in Hawaii urging governments to close down their domestic ivory markets. Domestic ivory sales in most countries are legal. Many experts believe that domestic ivory markets help fuel poaching by … Full Story →


Are lion hunters in South Africa shooting tame animals?

09 September 2016 | BBC News | Alastair Leithead |

The guide whistles as the large, dark-maned lion walks just a few metres from the car. It looks around to face the American hunter and a single shot rings out in the South African bush. The lion cartwheels from the force of the bullet – shocked and confused it roars, turns and quickly limps off … Full Story →


Africa: Japan and South Africa Try to Block Proposed Ban On Domestic Ivory Trade

September 8, 2016 | IPS | Guy Dinmore |

Honolulu, Hawaii — Japan and South Africa have ignited a furore at a major conservation congress by coming out against a proposed appeal to all governments to ban domestic trade in elephant ivory. Elephants in Africa are being killed by poachers for their tusks at the rate of one every 15 minutes, according to the … Full Story →


Can China help Mozambique fight deforestation?

06 September 2016 | Chinadialogue | Ning Hui |

The southern African country is belatedly cracking down on corruption and illegal deforestation, reports Ning Hui Gilé National Reserve produces the best quality hardwood in the area (Image by Jean-Baptiste Deffontaines) China is the world’s largest timber market and sources wood from more than 80 countries. But, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), a London-based NGO, … Full Story →


A Ban on Commercial Ivory Trade in China: A Feasibility Study Briefing

September 2016 | WWF and TRAFFIC | Xu Yang, Xiao Yu, Guan Jing and Wilson Lau |

WWf and trAffic believe that an ivory trade ban in china is feasible and could be effective in contributing to a reduction in current threats to African elephants. Such an ambitious and achievable act could garner positive exposure for china’s responsible action on a critical wildlife conservation issue and become a positive influence on other … Full Story →