Kenyans join hands to clean up the beaches


(Posted 15th September 2016)

A wide coalition of some of Kenya’s leading private sector companies, international and national NGO’s and of course the Kenya Wildlife Service’s marine division will join hands with hundreds of volunteers on Saturday to clean up the country’s beaches from Lamu to Malindi, Watamu, Kilifi and Mombasa before extending to the South Coast as far as Msambweni, Wasini and beyond to the Tanzanian border.
This is the fourth year that Kenya officially participates in this global clean up exercise and the local contacts at the various areas are shown below in case some readers, or hopefully many, get the taste to participate in the daylong event.

1. Lamu, Peponi Beach, Lamu District
Contact: carol
2. Malindi, Marine Park KWS HQ
Contact: willysosore
3. Watamu, Blue Bay at KWS, Kilifi District
Contact: stevetrott ericko.kws68
4. Kilifi, Bofa Beach
Contact: b.fulanda
5. Kuruwitu, Kinuni at Bahati Beach, Kilifi District
Contact: saeedbalala
6. Wasini, Mkwiro Village, Wasini Island, Kwale District
Contact, nancy
7. Msambweni, Kwale District
Contact: nancy
8. Mombasa, Mombasa District
Contact: onyango.ezra

A brief video clip introduction can be watched by clicking on the following link while an app, aptly called ‘Clean Swell‘ is also available and can be downloaded

Use the following hashtag to tweet about your participation and how you think the exercise will benefit the beaches of Kenya’s coast:

Notably does the Watamu Marine Association, one of the key promoters of the event, run a successful recycling facility in Watamu where plastic waste, not just collected from beaches but also delivered by a significant number of participating Watamu based resorts, is converted into plastic pellets or bottles used as building material filled with either sand or soil. Seen during several visits to that part of the Kenya coast have both Jane Spilsbury and Steve Trott as teamleaders managed to build a coalition of conservation minded businesses and individuals, credited for the overwhelming reviews and feedback from tourists who enjoy Watamu’s clean beaches and where beach vendors operate in a regulated environment.

Last year nearly 10 tons of waste was collected by 2.723 volunteers in both Kenya and Tanzania along 32.5 kilometres of beaches and similar if not better results are expected this year when on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn the cleanup goes underway.