Seychelles gets its own version of UBER


(Posted 19th September 2016)

Getting around the Seychelles, apart from the 5 Rupees a trip fares with the reliable buses of the Seychelles Transport Corporation, can be pricey when using a regular cab or resort limo.
For many tourists it can also be a challenge to find a cab, when they need it and at the spot where they are but this has now all be put to rest with the introduction and launch of a new cab hailing App launched a few days ago.
All a tourist now needs is a smartphone, a connection with either Airtel or Cable & Wireless, download the App for free and they are in business.
Over 370 drivers will be part of the new transport arrangements and more have applied, ready to answer that message on their own phone that their services are needed, where they are needed at the right time.
Like elsewhere, it brings clients and service provider together and after a period of review of operations in Mahe will the service then next be launched on the second largest island of Praslin before eventually also rolling out on the third most populated island of La Digue.
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