RwandAir rises – in the skies and on the ground too


(Posted 01st October 2016)

As RwandAir enters the big league of African aviation with the delivery of the airline’s first A330-200 and soon to be followed by the delivery of an A330-300, are changes on the ground at the carrier’s hub airport Kigali also on the drawing board.
Premium passengers until now were accommodated by their airline at the Pearl Lounge, including passengers of the national airline.
This will change in coming weeks as the construction of a branded RwandAir lounge is underway, due to accommodate up to 100 passengers at a go and featuring state of the art comfort and amenities.
With presently over 700.000 RwandAir passengers passing through Kigali, a figure set to rise to over a million after the arrival of two long haul wide body A330’s and two additional Boeing B737-800NG’s, going by the words of CEO Mr. John Mirenge.
In a related development was it also confirmed yesterday that this correspondent’s speculation that the new Airbus A330 could be deployed to Lagos too, proved correct.
Initially up to three flights a week will be operated in due course between Kigali and Lagos, offering passengers seamless connections to the onward service to Dubai.
The UAE’s most vibrant city is a huge magnet for travelers from Africa and wide body comfort – the RwandAir A330 offers Business Class, a separate Premium Economy section and the conventional Economy Class – is thought to be the key to capture a greater market share vis a vis Gulf carriers and other African airlines serving Dubai.
RwandAir also confirmed that three flights a week between Kigali and Dubai will continue to route via Mombasa – with traffic rights on all sectors – to give Kenyans living at the coast the option of a nonstop flight to Dubai and back.
More route development news from RwandAir will feature here in due course.