Reunion hosts 5th round of 2016 paragliding world championship


(Posted 03rd October 2016)

Paragliding World Cup Reunion

With its exceptional takeoff sites and optimum air conditions throughout the year, the island of Reunion is internationally acclaimed by fans of free flight. Paragliding, must-see tourist activity for those coming to this French Indian Ocean island, takes off with the opening of the fifth stage of the World Cup 2016.

Saint-Leu, the Mecca of paragliding in Reunion island, hosts the fifth stage of the Paragliding World Cup this year, from 02nd to 08th of October. Organised by the League of Free Flight Reunion is this annual international competition positioning itself as a great tourism promotion activity, particularly among participants, who can discover both the landscapes of Reunion from the sky and the optimum flight conditions offered by the island.

The championship which started today welcomed over one hundred international drivers who will compete for the fifth World tour stop in order to achieve the great finals to be held in Brazil in January 2017. For the competitors, the aim of the maneuver is to rally the various airline tags, tokens made a consistent route, before landing on the white sand beach of Kélonia, which owes its name to the observatory of marine turtles nearby. Takeoffs are launched from the sites of Colimaçons 800 (Saint-Leu) or Bellemène (St. Paul), depending on weather conditions.

It is a plateau of choice that is offered this year with the arrival of 105 international drivers coming from France, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Japan, the US, Poland, Luxembourg, Spain, Ukraine, of the Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Greece, or Macedonia who will race in the skies over Reunion.
Among local drivers, Sébastien Coupy, champion of Reunion 2015 and honorary ambassador of Reunion also takes part in the competition, alongside twenty other Reunion drivers.

Paragliders - © IRT / Studio Light

The Reunion Island Tourism Board, in short IRT, is a partner of the event and invited journalists from two national media outlets to cover the championship. Paragliding and Paragliding More magazines will each publish four pages devoted exclusively to the Paragliding World Cup the island of Reunion, respectively in December 2016 and January 2017.

Several events will begin at 18:30 on 08th of October on the volleyball grounds of Saint-Leu for the announcement of results.

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