Sun Africa Hotels gets new Group Executive Chef


(Posted 10th October 2016)

No sooner had Dario Aloisio arrived in Nairobi as Sun Africa Hotels’ new Group Executive Chef did he go to work to create new menus for one of the group’s flagship operations, Sovereign Suites, situated in the hills of Limuru high above Nairobi.
This in progress did he then prepare for the launch of two new restaurants, ‘The Royal Dining‘, an a la carte silver service restaurant and the ‘Queens Terrace‘ which provides classy but more informal fare for visitors keen to have a quick meal rather then a formal sit down dinner.
The new menu reflects Dario’s Italian heritage of course and given the fresh organic ingredients available in Kenya on a daily basis can it be expected that his culinary creations will soon draw in growing crowds to Sovereign Suites.
His input will also be felt in other resorts and safari lodges and camps owned and operated by Sun Africa, as menus from there are also undergoing a revision to further enhance the quality.

(Seen here a display of deserts available for diners at Sovereign Suites)

Chef Dario was happy to share his first new menu at Sovereign and the copy shown below no doubt given an insight what one can expect after heading into the Limuru Hills for a culinary outing.

The Royal Dining

Let us welcome You into the fabulous and peaceful atmosphere of our dining room. Chef Dario Aloisio has been inspired by this enchanting location in the writing of this menu to make sure it will be part of your Sovereign experience.


Fresh Norwegian Mussels in a spicy broth with fennel shavings and tomato concasse, served with garlic crostini. 1300
Warm calamari and prawns salad,tossed with citrus fruits olive oil and spring vegetables julienne, served on “chimichurri” sauce. 1000
Cured beef “Bresaola”rolls, filled with grilled vegetables sticks,placed on Papaya and passion fruit salad with toasted cashew nuts. 950
Baked eggplant timbale,filled with melty mozzarella and served on a cream of roasted tomatoes and basil. 900


Smooth cream of mushrooms and potatoes,drizzled with tarragon scented olive oil

Served with garlic crostini.

Spicy chicken and onions soup with snowpeas and broken spaghetti

Served with sesame crackers.

Home made Pasta

Goat cheese filled pasta parcels, served on sage and toasted pepper cream and topped with sauteed ratatouille. 1250
Chilly Garganelli Pasta,tossed in a rich pesto of sundried tomatoes,basil,walnuts and garlic. Topped with 36 months aged Parmesan cheese flakes. 1150
Saffron Seafood Pappardelle,with lobsters,prawns,calamari and red snapper,sautéed in olive oil,garlic, cherry tomatoes and white wine. 1650

Main Course

Pan Fried Salmon fillet, on a potato and roasted leeks canapee,served with a spicy croustaceans bisque with coriander and baby marrow julienne.

Marinated and grilled Jumbo prawns and squids skewers, served with garden grilled vegetables, lemon and garlic butter and spicy harissa Sauce. 1950
Sicilian Style baked prime beef Paupiettes,filled with braised onions, Pinenuts and dryed currants, servedwith sweet and sour caponata and rosemary potato wedges. 1650
Low temperature vacoom cooked pork belly, creamy mashed potatoes, apple and ginger compote and sautéed garlic spinach. 1750
Braised Chicken Breast Parcels,filled with Sweet Peppers,Schallots and Capers,served with soft garlic and herbs polenta with buttered broccoli florets. 1600

The Desserts

Apples and Sultana Crumble Pie served with Vanilla Bourbon Sauce

Italian Tiramisu’ and Kalua Caramel Sauce 750
Nutty Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream and Spicy Chocolate Sauce 650
Raspberry and Lime Cheese Cake 700
Chocolate Camel Milk Ice Cream Cake, topped with Coconut Cinnamon Cream and Raspberry Coulis 850
Tropical Fruit Platter 600

All Prices in KES. All Prices are inclusive of all Taxes and Levies.