Prosecute them for contempt of court …


(Posted 16th October 2016)

Sections of pilots and cabin crew, in blatant disregard of an existing court order prohibiting any form of industrial action, and also ignoring the directive of the Kenyan government to halt any action, have earlier today began a targeted walkout to hit Kenya’s national airline.
Like on previous occasions have unions and members shown utter disregard for the rule of law and once again engaged in a wildcat strike which is already costing the airline millions of Shillings in compensation for passengers whose flights had to be cancelled.
Prompt reactions coming in when the news was shared spoke of the harshest measures to be employed against the culprits, including prosecution for contempt of court and, should a court so find, jailing them.
It is clear that with their defiance of a government directive those responsible can now be considered enemies of the state, economic saboteurs and, given they also ignored a court order, law breakers in the first degree.

Kenya Airways meanwhile issued the following statements:
Kenya Airways Statement – Flights Cancellation

16th October 2016


Kenya Airways wishes to announce that some flights have been cancelled or delayed this morning due to a shortage of crew. Several outsourced crew have not reported to work as per schedule.

Some of our outsourced staff including cabin crew have stayed away from work from Friday and we are working with their employer to resolve any issues they may have.

As per the safety regulations that the airline abides to, minimum number of cabin staff per aircraft type is required and on some of our flights we are unable reach these levels.

Despite our effort to solve the problem by combining several flights, we have made the difficult decision to cancel some as the safety of our guests is paramount.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and guests on cancelled flight will be rebooked on later flights or alternative airlines. We will keep you updated on any changes.

The following flights have been cancelled

  • KQ 600 to Mombasa
  • KQ 432 to Kilimajaro
  • KQ 350 to Juba
  • KQ 706 to Lusaka/Harare
  • KQ 740 to Maputo

The following flight is delayed

  • KQ 782 to Livingston/Capetown

This was later on followed by additional statements, again shown below:

Then the following Facebook message was posted, giving hope that all operations will return to normal today and tomorrow as contempt of court charges now loom over union bosses and absent pilots and crew:

We have operated 92 flights as at 1930Hrs. Our teams are there to assist our guests. Our guests, our priority. #Kqcares