Punctuality in September up though fleet exchange poses ongoing problems


(Posted 18th October 2016)

The on-time dispatch of flights across the Fastjet network in September was now given as 93 percent, which by common industry standards includes delays of up to 15 minutes compared to STD, short for scheduled time of departure as outlined in the airline’s time table.
This is a considerable improvement over previous months and a sign that operational diligence has been accomplished.
Meanwhile though does the airline maintain a caution to passengers for the present month of October, during which a fleet rollover is taking place with the arrival of three wetleased Embraer E190 aircraft, substituting the larger and more costly Airbus A319’s which have progressively left the fleet in recent weeks.
Says Fastjet: ‘We are sorry to announce that some of our flights will experience disruptions until Monday 31st of October. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this‘.
Passengers are advised to check with the airline about the departure times of their booked flights though Fastjet has been making regular announcements on social media and otherwise to keep travelers informed about any changes in their published departure times.