CITES round up, Christmas cards, and the UK’s horn trade

Save the Rhino International talks about: CITES round up, Christmas cards, and the UK’s horn trade

CITES round up, Christmas Cards, and the UK’s role in the horn trade
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RhiNEWS_Title_left.jpg OCTOBER 2016
This month, our top prediction for CITES – that Swaziland’s bid to legalise the international horn trade wouldn’t pass – came true. But why did CITES uphold the ban? And how can divided conservationists pull together and move forward?

Back in London, recent progress in antique ivory trade legislation has also called into question the trade in rhino horn much closer to home, with Save the Rhino calling on the UK government to enforce stricter controls.

At Rhino HQ we’re also gearing up for our Christmas Appeal, featuring the incredible work of the Lowveld Rhino Trust in Zimbabwe, home to one of Africa’s most important black rhino populations which is coming under increasing threat from poachers moving outside Kruger.

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CITES rejects Swaziland horn trade bid

Swaziland and its Big Game Parks’ proposal for a legal international horn trade failed to reach a two thirds majority at CITES but did succeed in asking the question: who will pay for rhino conservation amid escalating costs? After heated debate at CoP17, divided conservationist need to find some common ground.

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TV advert in Viet Nam tackles horn demand

In Viet Nam, Save the Rhino has helped fund a public service announcement across national and regional TV channels.The film, produced by Vietnamese NGO Education for Nature-Vietnam, has a clear message: People who buy or use rhino horn embarrass themselves and their country.

This is the third film released in 2016 by the environmental NGO and Save the Rhino partner. Its hard-hitting subject will reach millions of people across Viet Nam.

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Concern over UK antique trade

The Duke of Cambridge recently announced plans to clamp down on the laundering of modern ivory through the UK’s antiques trade. But what about rhino horn? At Save the Rhino, we are concerned that modern rhino horn is being sold through UK auction houses to service demand in Asia.

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Rhino May Day
Get the full story from CITES and hear our panel speakers discuss what happens next for rhinos,

Featuring Born Free’s Mark Jones, Dr Naomi Doak of the Royal Foundation, and speakers from the Environmental Investigation Agency, Mayday will cover all the hot topics from CITES with four speaker presentations, a panel discussion and live Q&A from the audience.

Tickets are £10 and on sale now.

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Launching Soon
This year’s Christmas Appeale48cb6fa-1745-46b4-83fd-d6a2fbe320a7.jpg

Conservation in Save Valley
Rhinos are indicators of general biodiversity. In Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa, islands of biodiversity are shrinking and corridors for wildlife are being cut off. Green woodlands are turning into deforested, eroded land.

This is bad for rhinos, farmers, and people who need feeding – and why if we want to protect rhinos we need to protect our wild spaces, too, in a way that supports rhinos and communities.

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The Luxury Travel Fair

Held at Olympia’s West Hall in London, The Luxury Travel Fair showcases breath-taking destinations, undiscovered gems and tailor-made travel experiences for planning your next special trip.

We are delighted to be the Fair’s official charity partner. Please do drop by our stand and say hello!

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Christmas Cards
Available now to pre-order
£6.50 for a pack of 10 cards
This year’s Save the Rhino Christmas cards feature two lovely hand-drawn designs by Alex Rhind. Each pack contains five of each design.Cards will be available to buy on our website soon, but you can place your order now by calling Rosie on 020 7357 7474. In the meantime, check out our online shop for more stocking filler ideas!

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