Reunion set for another ‘Diagonal of Fools’


(Posted 20th October 2016)

Grand Raid 2016

The famous Diagonal of Fools is part of an international sporting approach, with the presence on the island of La Reunion of thousands of participants from around the globe. This is more so as the Reunion legendary race is officially the last stage of the Ultra-Trail World Tour 2016.The Diagonal of Fool, aka as the Grand Raid is both an individual and a collective human adventure, during which competitors probe and push their own limits, but also measure themselves against the best of the world.
The 2016 edition of the Grand Raid or Diagonal of Fools looks promising with, for the 24th edition, over 5,700 competitors including more than 2,500 on the main race of 167 km participating this year.
The competitors come from nearly forty countries which are represented by ultra trail runners from all over the globe to push their limits on this final stage of the Ultra Trail World Tour 2016. In total, the Grand Raid welcomes over 30 % of foreign riders, a testimony of the exceptional attraction of this event beyond the borders of this French Indian Ocean island.

It is natural that the Reunion island Tourism is present every year at this event. Partner of the Grand Raid, the IRT, in its role of promoting the destination in external markets, this year supported a press trip consists of fifteen media of France, Belgium, China, South Africa . They come to watch the race but also the relay on their media outlets and some German media also ensure extensive coverage in Europe.

The start of the 2016 edition of the Diagonal of Fools will be launched on the Ravine Blanche in Saint-Pierre in the south of the island on 20th of October, i.e. today.
The riders, aged between 19 to 77, will cross the island in diagonally to reach the site of the Redoubt North of Reunion. The traileurs pass by the legendary peaks of the island with this course of 167 kilometers and an elevation gain of more than 9,700 meters: Piton Textor, Taïbit, Maido, Back-Donkey … Bienvenue chez les Fous!

Profile Diagonal 2016 Fous (167 Km)

The Bourbon Trail, meanwhile, will take place on 21 and 22 October. The second race of the Grand Raid will follow the same route as the diagonal of Fools, a distance of 111 kilometers with 6,430 meters of elevation gain. The Trail of Bourbon take his departure from Cilaos, go through the Piton des Neiges, the Salazie and Mafate to merge with the course of Fools from the school of Roche Plate, before returning to the site of the Redoute, Saint-Denis.

Trail Profile Bourbon 2016 (85.22Km)

The start of the Mascarene – 65 km to 3500 meters of elevation gain – will meanwhile in Grand Îlet in Salazie on 21 October. The route of the race will pass through the Salazie and Mafate, then by the coast via Possession Grande Chaloupe and Colorado before reaching the finish line.

Profile Mascarene 2016 (69.02Km)

Participants in 2016

Number of registered countries of residence in the Grand Raid 2016

South Africa: 2
Algeria: 1
Germany: 7
England: 6
Australia: 3
Austria: 3
Barbados: 1
Belgium: 16
Canada: 5
China: 8
Côte d’Ivoire: 1
Djibouti: 1
Spain: 15
United States: 5
France: 1,092
Guadeloupe: 3
French Guiana: 3
Hong Kong: 3
Reunion Island: 1,238
Mauritius: 14
Ireland: 1
Italy: 16
Japan 20
Luxembourg: 12
Madagascar 2
Morocco: 2
Martinique: 13
Mayotte: 13
New Caledonia: 8
Netherlands 3
Poland: 1
Portugal: 3
Czech Republic 2
Senegal: 1
Singapore: 2
Sweden: 2
Switzerland: 34

TOTAL = 2,562 participants

Enrollment by residence in 2016 Bourbon Trail

South Africa: 1
England: 1
Belgium: 2
US: 1
Metropolitan France: 153
Reunion Island: 1,267
Mauritius: 15
Madagascar 2
Mayotte: 21
New Caledonia: 3
Netherlands 1
Czech Republic: 1
Switzerland: 5
Thailand: 1

TOTAL = 1,474 participants

Enrollment by residence in 2016 Mascareigne

Germany: 2
England: 1
Belgium: 2
Brazil: 1
Canada: 1
United Arab Emirates: 2
Spain: 1
metropolitan France: 217
Reunion Island: 1,402
Mauritius: 14
Italy: 1
Japan: 1
Luxembourg: 1
Martinique: 2
Mayotte: 14
New Caledonia: 1
New Zealand: 1
Switzerland: 7

TOTAL = 1,671 participants