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Royal Boys Pride on Ol Pejeta
Meet the Royal Boys Pride
It’s hard to say for sure, but there seems to be a sense of relief on the faces of the five hardworking lionesses of Ol Pejeta’s Eastern Pride these days. That’s because their 11 (yup, 11!) lively four-year-olds have finally flown the nest, and decided to form their own pride – now dubbed The Royal Boys Pride – in the southern area.

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No Voice for Great Apes at CITES CoP17
CITES’ 17th Conference of the Parties was a success for pangolins, grey parrots, sharks, elephants, rhinos and many more species in desperate need of more protection. But our wild cousins, the great apes, were largely ignored; despite growing evidence of the devastation of illegal ape trafficking.

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Chimpanzee at Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Vlog episode 9: down by the river
Why did the baboon cross the river? Join the Tyack family down on the banks of the Ewaso to find out.

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Ol Pejeta shine at the Laikipia Highland Games
True to form we dominated the athletics at this year’s Laikipia Highland Games. The multi talented Peter Akatrot from our Livestock Department proved once again that he’s worthy of his nickname – Bolt. While we also excelled in football and volleyball.

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Laikipia Highland Games
From Hiroshima to Laikipia With Love
"I just wanted to say that I am in love with Ol Pejeta and people who are working there" Olga, a recent visitor to Ol Pejeta, wrote to us. She has been inspired to make rhino jumpers, badges and other trinkets to sell in her homeland of Japan in order to raise money for Ol Pejeta. She emailed us to tell us how she celebrated World Rhino Day on the 22nd September.

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Donor from Japan
Let’s talk HIV
Kenya has one of the highest HIV infection rates in Africa. Awareness about the infection is slowly improving, and we at Ol Pejeta want do our part. So we partnered with the Ministry of Health to hold a free testing and general health Q&A session for our staff.

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HIV awareness programme
Ol Pejeta Staff Bus
Hooray! Ol Pejeta staff are now ferried from Nanyuki to the Conservancy in a brand new staff bus. This is a significant investment by Ol Pejeta and it further reinforces our commitment to improving the welfare of our employees.
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