Nairobi Serena’s Mandhari Fine Dining gets new kitchen


(Posted 26th October 2016)

Following the installation of a state of the art new kitchen at the Mandhari Restaurant of the Nairobi Serena Hotel is Nairobi’s classiest eatery once again open, for hotel guests and also for patrons from Kenya’s capital city.
A recent trial lunch revealed that the new menu for certain matches the new facilities and the presentation, leave alone the quality of the food, was simply outstanding.
A long leisurely lunch on the outside terrace with Serena’s Director of Marketing Rosemary Mugambi, needless to say, was all about talking shop and various sales and marketing initiatives now going underway ahead of the upcoming festive season will be the focus of other articles.
My menu comprised a Thai Fish Soup as a starter and I can only say that my taste buds were set alight, ready to then devour a fillet of Snapper, cooked to perfection, in other words avoiding the regular mistakes other chefs make when they overcook a piece of fine fish fillet.
The icing on the cake however was a tray of chocolate mousse and Rosemary did the unthinkable and caught me in the act of having two, but that deliriously delicious dessert I simply could not withstand. If I had any regret it was only that I had just two of these sinfully sweet delicacies and did not, having been outed already, gobble them all up.
So a new kitchen, a new menu but the same gifted young chef, a recipe for success no doubt and a lunch and dinner venue in Nairobi which simply does not come any better.
Bon Appetite!