The 2017 IATA Training Catalog is now available

IATA Training: The 2017 IATA Training Catalog is Here

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Over the next 20 years, the aviation industry is expected to double in size.
Rules and regulations will continue to evolve, and changes in technology mean entire new fields will open up, requiring people with new skills, talent and training.

IATA’s Training department is here to get you ready for all the exciting new challenges and developments in the years to come.

ITDI Catalog
Download the course catalog
What’s new?
There are over 40 new training courses and academic programs available
We are introducing technology-based simulation exercises to our training courses
New IATA Training Centers in Stockholm, Lagos, and Dakar
Updated course materials that reflect the latest standards and regulations
Extension of our Partner programs
To find out more about IATA’s 2017 training programs, including our newest training initiatives, download our Training Catalog today.
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