US bans canned lion trophy imports from South Africa

Conservation Action Trust reports that the US bans canned lion trophy imports from South Africa

Conservation Action Trust
US bans canned lion trophy imports from South Africa

24 October 2016 | Safarious | Don Pinnock | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

Because South Africa was unable to demonstrate the conservation value of canned lion hunting, the United States last week banned the import of all trophies from captive lion hunts in the country. According the the director of the US Fish and Wildlife Services, Dan Ashe, lion trophies may only be imported from exporting nations like … Full Story →

Giving right of way to elephants

19 October 2016 | Africa Geographic | Don Pinnock |FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

Some cities have good bicycle lanes, some towns have excellent footpaths, but Kasane in Botswana has well-stomped elephant corridors. Of course they’re also used by warthogs, impala and any other wild animals that need to amble down to the Chobe River for a drink. It’s not uncommon to see traffic on the town’s main road … Full Story →


Jonathan Moyo investigated over elephant sale?

19 October 2016 | Bulawayo24 | Staff reporter |

THE Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) has reportedly deployed an investigation team to Tsholotsho district to find out if Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo had used all the money generated from the sale of elephants to develop a soccer stadium in his constituency, the Newsday reported. The team was also … Full Story →


Whalers in crosshairs at international huddle

22 October 2016 | News24 | |

Paris – More than 80 nations square off in Slovenia next week over the fate of the world’s remaining whales, facing a multitude of perils from meat hunters and ship strikes to getting snared in fishing gear. The stage is set for heated debate, as the 88 members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) are … Full Story →


US bans canned lion trophy imports from South Africa

20 October 2016 | Huffington Post | Dan Ashe |

A Major Step Forward For Lion Conservation In Africa Ensuring that healthy, wild lion populations continue to roam Africa’s savannas has become increasingly challenging, as southern Africa’s expanding human population comes into ever greater conflict with lions across much of their range. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and our partners understand that securing the … Full Story →


Bushmeat hunting and extinction risk to the world’s mammals

19 October 2016 | The Royal Society Publishing |William J. Ripple, Katharine Abernethy, Matthew G. Betts, Guillaume Chapron, Rodolfo Dirzo, Mauro Galetti, Taal Levi, Peter A. Lindsey, David W. Macdonald, Brian Machovina, Thomas M. Newsome, Carlos A. Peres, Arian D. Wallach, Christopher Wolf, Hillary Young |

Abstract Terrestrial mammals are experiencing a massive collapse in their population sizes and geographical ranges around the world, but many of the drivers, patterns and consequences of this decline remain poorly understood. Here we provide an analysis showing that bushmeat hunting for mostly food and medicinal products is driving a global crisis whereby 301 terrestrial … Full Story →


SA’s muthi markets: The sad ‘dereliction of duty’

19 October 2016 | Traveller24 | Selene Brophy |

Cape Town – South Africa is one of the world’s most iconic wildlife destinations, recently hosting the vitally important CITES 17th Conference of Parties at the beginning of October this year. While the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora was undoubtedly meant to be a sharpened arrow in the … Full Story →


African Elephant Status Report 2016

October 2016 | IUCN/SSC African Elephant Specialist Group | C.R. Thouless, H.T. Dublin, J.J. Blanc, D.P. Skinner, T.E. Daniel, R.D. Taylor, F. Maisels, H.L. Frederick, P. Bouche |

This report is the most authoritative source of knowledge about the numbers and distribution of African elephant populations across their 37 range states in sub-Saharan Africa. The report summarises – for the first time in almost a decade – elephant numbers at the continental, regional and national levels, and examines changes in population estimates at … Full Story →


World’s mammals being eaten into extinction, report warns

19 October 2016 | The Guardian | Damian Carrington |

First global assessment finds 301 species are primarily at risk from human hunting for the bushmeat trade A man walks past bushmeat including pangolins, bush rats and tiger cats for sale on the roadside in Equatorial Guinea. Photograph: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty ImagesHundreds of mammal species – from chimpanzees to hippos to bats – are being … Full Story →


What Do Chinese in South Africa Think of the Ivory Trade?

October 13, 2016 | Foreign Policy | Zander Rounds, Hongxiang Huang, Ruirui Gu, |

JOHANNESBURG — Ms. Zhu does not seem particularly villainous. In her breezy Johannesburg office, encircled by neat stacks of newspapers, the petite 30-year-old from the southern Chinese province of Fujian is warm, chatty, and disarmingly honest. A long-time resident of South Africa, she is an active participant in overseas Chinese circles and runs a small … Full Story →