Former Air Tanzania bosses in court over alleged 86 billion Tanzania Shillings loss


(Posted 28th October 2016)

The bodged lease deal of an Airbus A320 way back in 2008 has come back to haunt the then Director General of Air Tanzania as he is now in court answering charges of having caused a massive multi billion Shillings loss to the company and the country.
As was reported here previously, some article links shown below, was the full extent of the financial obligations from the A320 lease only coming into the public domain when the opposition tabled documents in parliament. Incompetent negotiators or perhaps negotiators with different intent overlooked crucial clauses related to aircraft maintenance. They also failed to detect or acknowledge the aircraft’s status vis a vis heavy maintenance, an element which caused huge bills while the aircraft was not only not flying but then became impounded when the maintenance cost remains unpaid. Yet did lease charges continue and accumulate, exposing the dealmakers as being responsible for the mess.
While David Mattaka denied the allegations and evidence against him has at least one of his co-accused already admitted to certain facts presented by the prosecution.
Another hearing will take place on the 23rd of November and be sure you watch this space for updates as this criminal case unfolds yet further.